Roc-Lon Multipurpose Cloth (March 2009)

March 2009 Painting Tip

A few years at a One Stroke training camp, we painted a beautiful table runner using Roc-Lon Multi-purpose Cloth. That project was so nice, that I decided to incorporate Roc-Lon into several of my JoAnn classes. Some past projects include the Holly & Pine Bough Table Runner, the Sunshine Table Runner, and the absolutely gorgeous 2008 Flower of the Month Floor Cloth. This month we will be painting the Lemon and Olive Border project on Roc-Lon Multi-purpose cloth.

When I researched Roc-Lon several months ago, I found it very interesting that the Roc-Lon is manufactured right here in Baltimore MD! Rockland Industries was founded in 1832 and is the world’s largest manufacturer of drapery and blackout linings, and is a leading supplier of craft fabrics in the United States.

Features of Roc-Lon Multi-purpose Cloth:

  • Reversible – Can paint either side
  • Does Not Require Primer or Gesso
  • Cut with Household Scissors
  • Does Not Fray
  • No Hemming Required
  • Does Not Curl – Lays Flat
  • Holds Its Shape
  • Removable as a Wall Mural or Border
  • Durable
  • Accepts Fabric Glue & Tape
  • Can be Sewn
  • Can Be Hole Punched & Folded

Some project ideas using Roc-Lon Multi-purpose Cloth:

  • floor cloths
  • place mats
  • table runner
  • cloth bags
  • borders
  • frames
  • shoe bags
  • bookmarks
  • wall hangings
  • panels
  • signs/banners
  • murals

Suggested finishing for floor cloths, table runners, and placemats:
Let the floor cloth dry thoroughly. MAKE SURE YOU LET EACH COAT OF POLY-ACRYLIC SEALER DRY BEFORE YOU PAINT THE NEXT COAT. Brush 4 to 6 coats of Poly-Acrylic Sealer over front of floor cloth. Brush two coats of Poly-Acrylic Sealer onto backside of floor cloth. Let dry thoroughly.