Brush Tips 04 – The Scruffy Brush



I hope you are enjoying the series on One Stroke Brushes. This month I will be describing the Scruffy Brush.

One Stroke Scruffy Brush

The One Stroke Scruffy Brush comes in 3 sizes – ¼”, ½”, and ¾”

Characteristics of a Scruffy Brush:

  • Not used with water.
  • The more you use the brush, the better it becomes.

Uses of the Scruffy Brush:

  • Moss
  • Wisteria
  • Bushes
  • Sunflower center
  • Clouds
  • Ground cover
  • Trees

 Adding paint to a scruffy brush:

The scruffy brush should be very dry before loading with paint.

  1. Pounce one edge into the lighter color
  2. Pounce the other side into the darker color
  3. Loading the Scruffy Brush: follow the same instructions as double loading the flat brush, but, instead of stroking the brush back and forth, pounce the Scruffy Brush up and down to spread out and pull in more paint – and push hard!

How to paint with the Scruffy brush:

One Stroke Scruffy Brushes are a lot of fun to use. When you first open the package, remove the brush and gently pull the bristles into an oval shape. Then, twist the bristles gently in the palm of your hand, while maintaining the oval shape.

This brush is not used with water – the brush should be dry when beginning to paint. Your painting can get very muddy (i.e. a blend of color) if the brush is damp.

To pounce, keep your brush straight up and down and pounce up and down. Do not let the brush drag on your surface. Do not over pounce in one area or pounce too hard; or your colors will become one. You want to have a nice mottled look.

How to clean the Scruffy brush:

To clean after painting is finished, gently pounce the bristles in the Brush Caddy – do not rake them, as the bristles can break. Allow brush to dry completely before using again.